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The Etherna are a humanoid species from the relic world of Thern II, just on the edge of the Gulf of Cetus. Thern II is very close to its star - too close to be within what most species would consider a habitable zone - and the planet's surface is volatile and partially molten. Thern II is riddled with a network of ancient advanced technology of unknown origin, which projects a powerful layered energy field around the world that extends to the planet's thermopause. The Etherna rose to civilisation under the protection of these primordial barriers, and developed an innate sensitivity to their fluctuations and inconsistencies - which could cause catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or exposure to lethal levels of solar radiation. The drive to understand the ancient devices that keep their homeworld together pushed the Etherna towards desperate technological advancement and discovery.

By the time they were discovered by explorers in 3510 PT, the Etherna had constructed an extensive network of orbital stations in their home system and developed FTL drives capable of 500c speeds. First contact between Etherna and Free Union occurred as relative equals, between two survey ships scouting for nearby colony candidate planets. After signing up to the Free Union Accords in 3580 PT, their natural wanderlust and desire to explore has encouraged them to spread out broadly, and they are rarely found in large numbers except from on their home world. They are well-regarded as starship crew, and their inquisitiveness and natural energy sensitivity are generally seen more as assets than liabilities by Free Captains.


As a species beset with historical hardship, the Etherna are somewhat dour and taciturn. They are often slow to contribute to conversation, except when discussing their obsession - etheric science. The Etherna's natural sensitivity to energy fields has engendered a deep and abiding fascination with the discipline, and many patrons of bars and taverns in the Sovereign Worlds have been taken aback by the fervour at which the usually withdrawn Etherna rant about reactor optimisation and the latest discoveries in particle science.

Female Etherna1)
Male Etherna2)


Etherna typically share the same build as Terrans, but with purple skin that reflects some of the ultraviolet radiation that the Thern star emits. The skin of most Etherna has been darkened by exposure to a deep purple colour, and all have a scattering of irregular paler pigmentation along the hairline and scalp, similar to leopard-pattern.

Etherna have large, pronounced ears, which serve as a means of heat dissipation. Their ears have pointed tips and are long and often broad and slightly tilted downward. The Etherna have a diet rich in protein, and have elongated canine fangs optimised for tearing at flesh. Some Etherna however, especially those who spend a lot of time with Terrans, file down their fangs as other species can find them intimidating.

Game Rules

  • Species Keywords: Humanoid
  • Default Faction: Free Union

Species Trappings

  • Purple colouring on all exposed skin, which can vary in shade. Paler, often white leopard spot patterns on top of the head and around the hairline, extending to the tops of the ears. This look can be achieved with makeup.
  • Long, broad faun-like ears - this look is achievable using prosthetics, such as the examples here and here.
  • (Optional) Enlarged canine fangs, which can be simulated using prosthetic tooth caps such as vampire fangs.


  • 2 Body Hits
  • Death Count of 200 seconds
  • If an Etherna Character purchases the Scientist skill, they immediately gain 1 rank of the Etheric Science skill at no additional cost.
  • Can Survey and Examine Etheric Science phenomena with investigative roleplay.

Etherna have a strong cultural affinity with Etheric Science. When an Etherna character learns the Scientist skill, they immediately gain 1 rank of Etheric Science to reflect their background knowledge.

Their innate sensitivity to energy fields allows them to pick up certain phenomena in a manner similar to a Scanner's Survey and Examine modes, without needing the Scientist Skill. By roleplaying investigating and concentrating for at least 1 minute, an Etherna can scan the local area for Etheric Science phenomena (they cannot pick up other types of phenomena).

Once an Etheric Science phenomena has been identified (either by the same character or another, and by the Etherna's sensing ability or a conventional Scanner), they can Examine it to uncover more information - this process uses the Card Draw System, and can be assisted by other Etherna, or other Scientists using their Scanners. An Etherna Character acting as the Lead Character adds their Etheric Science rank as Green Cards as normal (if they do not have the Scientist skill then they do not add any extra green cards). Additionally, an Etherna with at least 1 Rank of Etheric Science gains 1 automatic success when using this ability - remove 1 green card from the deck as a success instead of the initial draw. Etherna can also use this ability to assist other Scientists when they are Examining Etheric Science Phenomena. Both of these investigative abilities require a referee.

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