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Saggital Bridge Sector

Position: 1x, 2y, Between Orion Arm and Saggitarius Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy, Free Union

Stellar Density: Sparse

The Saggital Bridge Sector is a relatively dense region of stars in between the Libran Rift and the Gulf of Cetus. It acts as a staging point between the Orion Arm and barely explored reaches of the Saggitarius Arm. It has changed hands repeatedly over the centuries. Initially a lawless fringe of Ascendancy space, it did contain a number of fortress worlds and staging posts developed for the eventual exploration of the Sagittarius Arm. However, the region was fiercely attacked by the Dominion during the First Tulaki Invasion and nearly conquered entirely. While the most loyal fortress systems held out against the invaders, they were forced to withdraw their protection from the rest of the sector, which devolved quickly into rebellion and lawlessness. When the Free Union declared independence from the Ascendancy in 3370 PT, much of the sector joined their cause - all apart from the heavily protected dense core of the sector.

Since the withdrawal of the Dominion, the Free Union has claimed the majority of the sector, although a cluster of systems remain loyal to the Ascendancy, forming a bubble of Terran territory at the heart of the sector. There is also a substantial amount of unclaimed space, which is used and exploited by opportunistic entrepreneurs, independent colonists, mercenaries, pirates or other outlaws and fugitives. The sector is on the trailing end of Free Union space, and even their lax authority is not fully reliable here. Some worlds have been well developed, and the sector is once more acting as a route for the further exploitation of the Sagittarius Arm.

Systems of Note

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